Pirastro Violin Strings

Perpetual Violin
Perpetual, the newest and best synthetic strings by Pirastro, combining great response and rich warmth. Already hugely popular!

Evah Pirazzi synthetic/composite core and tend to be a little brighter and responsive to Pirastro's Obligato strings. The EP's come in three gauges: Weich (or light), Medium or Heavy.  Also,  EP Golds are on this page as well.

Pirasto Obligato has a synthetic core (that will mimic gut), but without all the hassles of gut.

Gold Label, gut string core with that famous E string!

Pirastro's Chorda gut
strings are the perfect choice. These are the old-fashioned tied end string that players used 200 years ago.

 Passiones have a gut core with silver wrapping. Each string comes in 5 tensions and gauges

Piranito violin strings are metal strings and popular for schools on a budget.

Tonica violin strings with a synthetic core, very responsive strings.

Pirastro's Olive Violin Strings offer a vast array of selection in gauges, wrapping and stiffness, gut core

Eudoxa violin, gut core strings, metal wrapped and come in several different gauges to accommodate any violin!

Here's helpful information for customers unsure about which violin strings would best suit their needs and more related links: